Responsibility and development

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  Responsibility and development is the core values of Dagong.

  The complementary relationship between responsibility and development is as follows: shouldering responsibility is the driver and prerequisite for realizing innovative development and also represents the value of Dagong’s development; innovative development is the basis of undertaking responsibility and also serves for better undertaking the historic task of realizing national rejuvenation. Adherence to the values of responsibility and development achieves the unity of undertaking social responsibility and promoting Dagong’s development, making the rise of Dagong a historic inevitability.

  The unity of development and responsibility is at the core of the laws governing credit ratings.

  Based on adherence to undertaking historic responsibility and fulfiling social duty, Dagong, during its history spanning two decades, has always closely integrated its sound and sustainable development with the rational development of society’s rating business, continuously innovating rating theories and practical modes, and bringing about our society’s rating business to a new heights.