Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd. Public Announcement

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Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd. Public Announcement
Aug 17, 2018 
Regarding its recently exposed internal risk control problems, Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd. (hereafter Dagong Global or the Company) hereby officially expresses its deepest and most sincere apology to the public, especially its clients and all the people who helped it grow in one way or another in all the past years. 
The Dagong Global management also expresses its collective commitment to following, completely and meticulously, the guidance of the regulatory authorities by implementing all the changes and corrections that they have required. The Company will continue to prepare itself by studying the industry’s new issues, does everything it can to lead a steady progress in its business activities as prescribed by law and regulations.  
In the meantime, Dagong Global vows that it will keep pursuing its goal of growing as a Chinese brand with international recognition. It will uphold the principle of being objective, fair and independent in credit rating. It will further develop its innovative credit rating model designed for Chinese development. And it will continue to play an active role in the reform of the global credit rating system. 
The Company would like to inform the public that it has also promptly submitted its petition documents to the relevant authorities. 
The Company hereby also announces that it reserves the right to take legal action against the individuals who appeared to have intentionally played up the incident to damage the Company’s reputation. 
Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd.