Dagong Group to Launch Internet Platform Featuring Online Credit Rating to Serve the Belt and Road Program

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  Dagong Global Credit Rating Group (hereafter Dagong Group), a growing Chinese force in the world’s credit rating industry, will hold a press conference on May 16 to mark the official launch of its online investment and credit rating platform SilkRoadITFin.com.

  SilkRoadITFin.com is the result of Dagong Group’s research and development over the past three years. It represents a new model that integrates the theory of Internet finance and digitalized credit rating. It serves the real economy and points to the future of financial technology.

  Its mission is to offer a credit rating-based public investment service for the countries participating in the Belt and Road Program.

  Being transparent, participatory, efficient and secure is its most important advantage. Its unique risk management system allows for credit asset management through an investment process by combining debtors’ disclosure, creditors’ open supervision, professional credit rating, and blacklisting defaults.

  SilkRoadITFin.com’s risk exposure and control solutions are important for successful online investment. With these solutions, its service may be useful in a much broader area. It can help small and medium-sized enterprises raise funds on their online credit records, accommodate more financial innovations, and even serve as a platform for Belt-and-Road countries to develop their online bond market.

  SilkRoadITFin.com is to work as a main channel for cross-border capital flow in the Belt and Road Program.