Tourism in Dujiangyan Ushers in a New Era

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  As visitors returned from the excitement of the National Day holiday i.e. ‘the Golden Week’ and resumed to their daily life, Dujiangyan has opened a new page of its tourism industry with the ‘Duajingyan Tourism Credit Inquiry’ App designed and developed by Dagong.

  During the holiday, a great number of visitors were attracted to the stunning scenery of Dujiangyan, which generated huge pressure for this city. Fortunately, Dujiangyan managed to maintain a stable and orderly operation of its market. There was no record of complaints concerning the quality of services or report of accidents in the ‘Golden Week’.

  Such achievements are brought by the successful implementation of the ‘Dujiangyan Tourism Credit Inquiry’ App by Dagong.

  The App is a credit product functioning as an important platform for credit system issuance, credit regulations, dynamic evaluation, publishing government affairs, etc. With the transition from the rigid management of tourism industry by the government into flexible services, visitors can easily get access to the credit information concerning the tourism industry and commerce in Dujiangyan by using a mobile phone App.

  The Dujiangyan Mode applies the ‘the government + credit information service agency’ model. It aims to establish a foundation for building the credit system, featuring the government as the subject in charge and the credit information service agency as the service provider (see Building China’s Credit System). The Mode demonstrates that the government shall act as the exclusive leader for credit management and credit information shall be the exclusive standard to evaluate the credibility of members of the society.

  The launching and modification of the App represents that a credit-based management for the tourism industry in Dujiangyan is developing. It will strongly stimulate the improvement in the quality of services in the industry, contribute to establishing a trustworthy and disciplinary mechanism, and enhance the city’s comprehensive capability as an excellent tourist city in China.