Reports on the China’s Credit System Forum Attracted Media Attention in

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  On 23th September, Ningbo Municipal Committee gave reports on the Ningbo Forum where Mr. Guan Jianzhong was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled the Significance and Blueprint of Building China’s Credit System. The event was massively reported by various news media including Ningbo Government Website, Ningbo Daily, and Ningbo Vtion.

  Ningbo Daily - Li Huiguang, the Secretary of Municipal Standing Committee and Municipal Discipline Commission; Shi Xiaoguo, Weng Lumin and Hu Modun, deputy directors of Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee; Cui Xiuling and Li Taiwu, deputy directors of Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference; and Li Zeming, the Chief Justice of Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, attended the reports with Wan Yawei, the director of Municipal Standing Committee and Publicity Department , performing as the main coordinator.

  Ningbo Vtion – With reference to the domestic and international cases, Mr. Guan gave a clear illustration on the theory of credit-based economy, problems in the existing global rating system, and the significance, blueprint, core elements and approaches in building China’s credit system.

  Thanks to Mr. Guan’s illustration, the audience deepened their understandings of the significance, content and features of the credit system, and gained profound insights on advancing the building process.

  Over 200 people attended the reports, including the members of the Theory Learning Group of Municipal Committee, deputy secretary general of Municipal People’s Congress, Municipal Government and Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference as well as Municipal Democratic Parties and directors of Association of Industry and Commerce.