On April 3rd, 2014, Dagong Global Credit Rating Group (Dagong Group) was officially founded upon the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and registration at the Beijing Administration for Industry & Commerce.

  Dagong Group is positioned as a leading provider of credit information by combining production and university research, and is an innovator in patterns of credit information consumption to meet the multi-level demand for credit information in credit-based social and economic development. In this way, Dagong enables users to understand the laws governing socio-economic advancement and therefore guide development with credit information in a scientifi manner.

  Seeking development and being responsible at the same time, Dagong Group is striving to shoulder rating responsibilities in a credit-based economy. To achieve this goal, Dagong Group aims to lead a rating revolution in the Internet era by innovating in how credit information is consumed and using the advantages of clustering in the credit information industry.

  The strategic goal of Dagong Group is to lead the credit information consumption services sector and be a leading transnational provider of credit information in the world.

  Dagong’s subsidiaries are as follows:

  Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Credit Information Service Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Credit Data Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Credit Research Institute Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Overseas Investment Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Credit Software Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Credit Statistics Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Credit Reference Co., Ltd;

  Dagong Media Co., Ltd;

  Beijing Dagong Dingsen Asset Appraisal Co., Ltd;

  Beijing Diane Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd.

  Dagong’s selection of the strategy of developing the national brand through international expansion and its 22-year history are the cornerstone of the Group’s development. The understanding of the laws governing the development of a credit-based economy, the development of theoretical knowledge, and leading edge thinking in the Internet age serve as a launching point for Dagong. Moreover, its credit industry cluster development mode will further render Dagong a signifiant contributor to our society.