Products and services

(1) Solicited credit ratings for financial institutions

Main coverage:


Chinese-funded trust

Financial management / Asset management (Chinese-funded)


(2) Solicited credit ratings for companies

Main coverage:

Real estate developers


Industrial gas / Gas suppliers

Aircraft leasing companies / Airlines


Oil / Natural gas companies

Minerals / Noble metal, commodities and agricultural product traders

Infrastructure constructors


(3) Solicited credit ratings for local governments

Main coverage:

Local governments and subordinate offices

Financing platforms of local governments in China


(4) One-time solicited credit ratings

Dagong Hong Kong provides ratings on a one-time basis among its rating services, which indicates the credibility of a rated entity within a certain period of time. The rating will be tagged as ‘One-Time Rating’ and will not be monitored.


(5) Private ratings

Private rating results are strictly confidential and can only be disclosed by Dagong Hong Kong to areas designated by the rated entity (unless otherwise required by regulations or laws).


(6) Panda Bond ratings

The Panda Bond is a renminbi-denominated bond sold in China by foreign issuers, and its principal and interest need to be repaid within a certain term. In response to the demand for both domestic and international ratings, Dagong will assign both domestic and international credit ratings to the issuer.

Following the Announcement on Dagong’s Domestic and International Credit Ratings on August 6, 2016, Dagong developed and launched the Panda Bond Credit Rating Methodology, specifying two steps:

Step 1: assigning an international rating

Dagong will assign an international rating to the rated entity based on Dagong’s existing rating methodologies.

Step 2: assigning a domestic rating according to the chart below.

The domestic rating is assigned based on the above chart by Dagong’s rating commission.


(7) Unsolicited credit ratings

Dagong Hong Kong’s unsolicited ratings are based on acquired facts and public information.


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