Having built itself into the largest national credit rating agency in China, Dagong Group is seeking to grow further into a brand name recognized around the world.


Steadily but aggressively, Dagong Group has been making this progress.


Spearheading this progress is Dagong Overseas Investment Co., Ltd (hereafter Dagong Overseas), Dagong Group’s wholly-owned arm for international expansion, such as to establish and manage its overseas branches.


At present, Dagong Overseas has helped Dagong Group build two overseas subsidiaries —Dagong Global Credit Rating (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd (hereafter Dagong HK), and Dagong Europe Credit Rating srl (hereasfter Dagong Europe).


Dagong Overseas also represents Dagong Group to work with international clients directly, such as to provide them with advisory service in investment and asset management.


Dagong Overseas is committed to protecting the global credit system and contributing to the secure and efficient capital flows with its advanced methodology and impartial rating services.


Because its parent company — Dagong Group — the only Chinese credit rating agency with licenses in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Europe, Dagong Overseas’ operational criteria are to abide by the local regulations, and its rating results are to be universally consistent and applicable. This is a guarantee that its service can meet the needs for cross-border financing from both the Chinese and international clients.


Following the revolutionary methodology that Dagong Group’s elite research force developed by itself through years of experience, Dagong Overseas may accord a corporate issuer ratings not merely limited by the domicile’s sovereign rating, which is treated by the Western credit rating principles as the ceiling for all entities in the country in question. The Dagong methodology can therefore claim to be a better facilitator of secure and efficient capital flows around the world.


Dagong Overseas is trying to set an example for its peers in developing global ties and in participating in the reform of the global financial system.


Dagong Overseas has clients from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.


And it is expecting more extensive business cooperation with countries such as Japan, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Italy, and the United States.