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  Dagong’s theoretical theory consists of four parts, namely, a credit-based economic theory system, a credit rating theory system, principles of rating management, and a theory of building the international rating system.

  The theoretical theory stands as an important contribution made by Dagong to the development of human beings in the credit economy era, as well as an ideological tool for Dagong to understand the credit world, and a basis for Dagong to realize sound and sustainable development.


  Dagong’s global market service system serves to build networks for marketing channels throughout sovereign countries, regulators, local authorities, industry associations and clients by means of resource integration.

  Dagong has established a full industry chain layout of credit ratings through integrating resources of credit rating around the world to meet the demand for building the global credit system by development of the global economy and our society.

  Dagong’s global market service system includes:(1)market research and positioning; (2)market activities and brand promotion; (3)marketing team; (4)customer service and support; (5)product and service system; and (6)marketing network and channel system. Under the guidance of its innovative credit rating theories, Dagong will build a full-range industry chain of the credit rating and provide services for the global credit rating market.


       Dagong’s technical system refers to a complete technological series in the standard-setting process of credit rating and related products or services with its unique credit rating principles and standard-setting capacity. It predominantly includes technological development, core technologies, and proprietary technologies.

  Based on the laws governing the movement of contradicting pairs, production vs. credit and credit vs. rating, and the relationship between pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical power, Dagong analyzes the core problems in the creditor-debtor relationship and thereby establishes its unique principles revealing credit risk and the technological system of credit rating.

Management system

  As the superstructure of Dagong’s development, management is an important guarantee for Dagong’s sound and sustainable development.

  Dagong’s developmental system refers to the building of a standard and sound system and mechanism under the guidance of a ‘refied, professional, and digital’ management philosophy and management concept of staff development.

Employee Development

  Staff development is at the core of Dagong’s management philosophy, the root of building Dagong’s management system and mechanism, and the essence of Dagong’s sound and sustainable development.

  The concept of staff management demonstrates that the core values of staff are the primary source of productivity. In other words, staff can be rewarded with improvement in position and salary through enhanced ideological and professional quality and achieve spiritual and economic freedom through independent, conscious, voluntary and self-disciplined work attitude and performance – all which can generate a virtuous cycle of “positive energy” and push Dagong’s business forward with steady development.


  Informatization does not refer to the application of information technology, but more importantly signifies a change in the management model, business mode, organizational structure and business strategy with an in-depth application of information technology. Digitalization and informatization can improve the effiiency of Dagong’s management and rating activities, and provide technical support for the development of Dagong.

Product system

  Dagong’s product system refers to the sum of rating information and service products meeting market demand based on rating principles and technologies.

  With credit ratings and credit information services at its core, Dagong’s “full-range products” include rating products, credit information services, research and publication, credit data service, software development service, credit statistics and credit reference services, building of credit culture and credit brand promotion, asset appraisal services.

Risk control system

  Dagong’s risk control system is a management system which identifis, evaluates, analyzes, and assesses various possible risks, with timely and effective measures taken for prevention and control, as well as rational methods adopted for maximum security guarantee. The system can help Dagong make the right decisions, protect the security and completeness of its assets, and realize its strategic goal.

Dagong brand

  The Dagong brand refers to the public influence generated with the company’s original advanced credit idea, its fair credit rating practices, and the outcomes of bravely challenging authorities on the decline. The Dagong brand has complied with the need of the times and achieved great success, which is an inevitable result of responding to the call of history. With high visibility and favorable reputation, Dagong has been widely recognized by the international community and mainstream media, which is a treasure of great value to Dagong.

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